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2005-10-25Bug 312157: Remove $::template and $::vars from - Patch by Olav Vi...lpsolit%gmail.com1-2/+1
2005-10-25Bug 313209: Oracle requires "CASE WHEN" around boolean expressions in the SEL...mkanat%kerio.com1-1/+3
2005-08-25Bug 208761: Move GetFormat() from into Bugzilla::Template - Patch ...lpsolit%gmail.com1-1/+1
2005-08-13Bug 304044: Missing scalar() for some parameters - Patch by Frédéric Buclin...lpsolit%gmail.com1-3/+1
2005-08-10Bug 301508: Remove - Patch by Frédéric Buclin <> r=...lpsolit%gmail.com1-3/+6
2005-05-12Bug 287436: [SECURITY] After having logged in, links to change the report typ...mkanat%kerio.com1-2/+1
2005-03-16Bug 283581 : Move UserInGroup out of globals.pltravis%sedsystems.ca1-0/+1
2005-01-16Patch for bug 265898: edit*.cgi files should all use ThrowUserError(); patch ...jocuri%softhome.net1-3/+4
2004-09-13Bug 257593 - make chart.cgi use Bugzilla::CGI for headers, meaning that if yo...gerv%gerv.net1-6/+6
2004-07-10Bug 235510: Do not expose user password in URL to chart image if login requir...bugreport%peshkin.net1-1/+2
2004-07-06Bug 243463 Use a param to protect new charts from leaking informationbugreport%peshkin.net1-0/+4
2004-03-27Fix for bug 234175: Remove deprecated ConnectToDatabase()
2004-02-13Bug 232749 - fix various charting problems revealed by b.m.o. upgrade, includ...gerv%gerv.net1-28/+25
2003-12-08Bug 226682 - make it possible to edit series. This also changes the Series ob...gerv%gerv.net1-9/+11
2003-07-01Bug 211127 - use proper path to Perl. Patch by; r=gerv, a=ju...gerv%gerv.net1-1/+1
2003-06-26Bug 16009 - generic charting. Patch by gerv; r,a=justdave.gerv%gerv.net1-0/+312