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2010-07-16Bug 579243: Also test NOT (negated) charts in xt/search.tMax Kanat-Alexander4-7/+281
r=mkanat, a=mkanat (module owner)
2010-07-16Bug 398308: Make take a hashref for its "params" argumentMax Kanat-Alexander4-84/+17
instead of taking a CGI object. r=mkanat, a=mkanat (module owner)
2010-07-15Bug 577800: Finish the cleanup of's "init" function by removingMax Kanat-Alexander1-9/+6
it and having its work be done by a new "sql" accessor instead. Also adds some comments, moves functions around into sections, and creates a new _user accessor. r=mkanat, a=mkanat (module owner)
2010-07-15Bug 578888: Add and store joins as data structures instead ofMax Kanat-Alexander1-5/+0
raw SQL. r=mkanat, a=mkanat (module owner)
2010-07-14Bug 578531: Move the chfield stuff out of init, and makeMax Kanat-Alexander1-12/+5
the changedbefore/after charts include the date specified (they previously did exclusive searches) r=mkanat, a=mkanat (module owner)
2010-07-09Bug 577538: Mark certain tests in xt/search.t as being broken only on PgMax Kanat-Alexander2-1/+32
(and a few as being not broken at all on Pg). r=mkanat, a=mkanat (module owner)
2010-07-09Pg and MySQL had inconsistent results for greaterthan,Max Kanat-Alexander1-0/+1
so I changed the values to make them consistent. (I suspect the inconsistency is a bug in Pg itself that is not actually important to normal Bugzilla usage.)
2010-07-09Bug 576670: Optimize's "init" method for being called many timesMax Kanat-Alexander1-1/+1
in a loop r=glob, a=mkanat
2010-07-09Bug 577588: xt/seach.t was sometimes not properly translating specialMax Kanat-Alexander3-10/+30
<> values into the actual bug value, for searching r=mkanat, a=mkanat (module owner)
2010-07-09Bug 577557: Make xt/search.t skip certain injection tests on PostgreSQL,Max Kanat-Alexander2-3/+36
because they make Pg throw an error and then be unable to run any further tests. It's OK to skip these tests because they still run on MySQL, so we'll still catch any injection vulns. r=mkanat, a=mkanat (module owner)
2010-07-08Update xt/search.t to test that anyexact trims properly.Max Kanat-Alexander1-1/+1
2010-07-08Bug 574556: Refactor so that we're not doing $$some_var everywhere.Max Kanat-Alexander1-91/+34
Instead, we pass around a hashref and update the hashref. This patch also includes some cleanup for bugs surrounding percentage_complete, attachments.isobsolete, attachments.ispatch, and owner_idle_time. r=mkanat, a=mkanat
2010-07-08Fix search.t now that negative keyword searches are working.Max Kanat-Alexander1-7/+5
2010-07-08Bug 577388: The target milestone tests in xt/search.t were failing,Max Kanat-Alexander1-1/+1
incorrectly. r=mkanat, a=mkanat (module owner)
2010-07-07Bug 574879: Create a test that assures the correctness of'sMax Kanat-Alexander8-0/+3019
boolean charts r=glob, a=mkanat