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@@ -117,6 +117,14 @@ css::
Url which specifies the css document to include in all cgit pages.
Default value: "/cgit.css".
+ Specifies a command which will be invoked to format names and email
+ address of committers, authors, and taggers, as represented in various
+ places throughout the cgit interface. This command will receive an
+ email address as its only command line argument, and the text to
+ format on STDIN. It is to write the formatted text back out onto
+ STDOUT. Default value: none. See also: "FILTER API".
Flag which, when set to "1", will make cgit generate a html fragment
suitable for embedding in other html pages. Default value: none. See
@@ -457,6 +465,10 @@ repo.defbranch::
The value to show as repository description. Default value: none.
+ Override the default email-filter. Default value: none. See also:
+ "enable-filter-overrides". See also: "FILTER API".
A flag which can be used to disable the global setting
`enable-commit-graph'. Default value: none.
@@ -607,6 +619,12 @@ commit filter::
be filtered is available on standard input and the filtered text is
expected on standard output.
+email filter::
+ This filter is given a single parameter: the email address of the
+ relevent user. The filter will then receive the text string to format
+ on standard input and is expected to write to standard output the
+ formatted text to be included in the page.
source filter::
This filter is given a single parameter: the filename of the source
file to filter. The filter can use the filename to determine (for