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Lets split eh (#3120)
* Line ending stuff again * Added Let's Split Eh? Files and updated #USE_IC2 checks to also include th EH revision (can only be used in I2C) * Added personal keymap, updated some of the EH files * Created new keyboard file for testing "lets_split_eh" will merge into lets_split once fully functional * Added split code from lets_split, removed pro micro imports and LED code THIS IS WORKING CODE, WITHOUT RGB AND BACKLIGHT * Took back original Lets Slit files for the lets_split keyboard, working in the lets_split_eh folder for now * Updated eh.c * More rework of the I2C code, added global flags for split boards. * Introduced RGB over I2C, having weird edge case issues at the moment though * Fixed weird I2C edgecase with RGB, although still would like to track down route cause.. * Changed RGB keycodes (static ones) to activate on key-up instead of key-down to elimate weird ghosting issue over I2C * Lots of changes, mainly externalized the Split keyboard code and added logic for only including when needed. - Added makefile option "SPLIT_KEYBOARD" that when = yes will include the split keyboard files and custom matrix - Split keyboard files placed into quantum/split_common/ - Added define option for config files "SPLIT_HAND_PIN" FOr using high/low pin to determine handedness, low = right hand, high = left hand - Cleaned up split logic for RGB and Backlight so it is only exectuted / included when needed * Updated documentation for the new makefile options and #defines specific to split keyboards * Added a bit more info to docs, so people aren't confused * Modifed Let's Split to use externalized code, also added left and right hand eeprom files to the split_common folder * Removed some debugging from eh.c * Small changes to keyboard configs. Also added a default keymap (just a copy of my that_canadian keymap). * Added a README file to the Let's Split Eh? * Changed it so RGB static updates are done on key-up ONLY for split boards rather than all boards. Also fixed leftover un-used variable in rgblight.c * Updated default keymap and my keymap for Let's Split Eh? Updated the comments so it reflects RGB control, and removed audio functions. * Fixed lets_split_eh not having a default version * Removed "eh" references from lets_split folder for now * Took lets_split folder from master to fix travis build errors, weird my local was overriding. * Changed LAYOUT_ortho_4x12_kc -> LAYOUT_kc_ortho_4x12 to match bakingpy and others * Removed from my lets_split keymap, not needed * Updated the config_options doc to better explain the usage of "#define SPLIT_HAND_PIN"
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diff --git a/ b/
index b12b6ae51..b78f04d2a 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -210,5 +210,17 @@ QUANTUM_SRC:= \
- QUANTUM_SRC += $(QUANTUM_DIR)/matrix.c
+ ifeq ($(strip $(SPLIT_KEYBOARD)), yes)
+ QUANTUM_SRC += $(QUANTUM_DIR)/split_common/matrix.c
+ else
+ QUANTUM_SRC += $(QUANTUM_DIR)/matrix.c
+ endif
+ifeq ($(strip $(SPLIT_KEYBOARD)), yes)
+ QUANTUM_SRC += $(QUANTUM_DIR)/split_common/split_flags.c \
+ $(QUANTUM_DIR)/split_common/split_util.c \
+ $(QUANTUM_DIR)/split_common/i2c.c \
+ $(QUANTUM_DIR)/split_common/serial.c