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Zeal60/Zeal65/M60-A implementation (#3879)
* Initial version of zeal60 * WIP * Fixes issue #900 * Adding RGB underglow functionality. Fixed a compile-time conflict caused by enabling RGB underglow functionality. * Refactor RPC protocol * Fix last merge * README for RGB underglow updated. * Additional README changes. * Adding RGBW strip software-based current-limiting functionality. * RGBW current-limiting functionality should be handled by RGBSTRIP_MAX_CURRENT_PER_LIGHT instead. * Updated README to reflect implementation of built-in current limiting. * Keymap readability improvements. * Minor keymap improvements. * Fixed LED driver init sequence, formatting * Dimming implementation tested, working. * Stab LEDs synced with spacebar hits in effects. * RGB underglow tested and functional. Simplified README for RGB underglow. * Undid accidental file deletion from previous merge conflict. Safer values for RGB underglow. * Improved arrow key positions in keymap. * Added functionality to correct uneven RGB underglow. Refactored related code. * Reverted to safer values for underglow. * Changes for v0.3 * Custom LED brightness scaling will take place after current adjustment in order to avoid being overridden. * Create keymap.c Added split backspace and split shift to ISO layout * Create config.h Turned on LEDs for new layout * Fixed bug where left spacebar stabilizer LED (LC06) would adopt color of row above. * Added hhkb_wilba keymap * Update keymap.c * Update keymap.c * Update keymap.c * Added indicators, full param setting via host * Added "mousekey" layout * Added Zeal65 support, factory test mode * Keycode safe range changed, caused bugs * Bumped EEPROM version due to change in QMK keycodes * Disable HHKB "blocked" LEDs if KC_NO in keymap * Added "disable_hhkb_blocker_leds" * Required overridden function for keymaps in EEPROM * Added polar coordinate mapping, effect speed * Force Raw HID interface number to 1 always * Fixed last merge from master * Added effect speed to default keymaps * add BACKLIGHT_ prefix to vars * add BACKLIGHT_ prefix to vars * Keymap speed effect; keymap improvements/fixes Readme updated to match changes * Refactored to use common IS31FL3731/I2C drivers * Fixed make rules, backlight disabled feature * Make split rightshift default for Zeal65 * Added M60-A as a "version" of Zeal60. * Renamed IS31FL3731 driver functions * Fix suspend_wakeup_init_kb() being defined twice * First pass refactor dynamic keymaps * Updated to changed I2C and ISSI drivers * Refactor zeal_color.* usage to quantum/color.* * Updated Zeal65, fixed dynamic_keymap * Major refactoring of Zeal60 backlight and API * Lots of little cleanups * Added * Added * Added LAYOUT_60*() macros, refactored and cleaned up default keymaps * Fix compile error in suspend.c * Added Zeal65 LAYOUT macros, info.json * Added rama/m60_a, deleted zeal60/keymaps/m60_a * Fixed rama/m60_a/keymaps/proto * Fixed compilation error for suspend.c * Requested changes for PR * Fixed images * Another fix * Added drashna's requested changes
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@@ -227,6 +227,11 @@ ifeq ($(strip $(HD44780_ENABLE)), yes)
+ifeq ($(strip $(DYNAMIC_KEYMAP_ENABLE)), yes)
+ SRC += $(QUANTUM_DIR)/dynamic_keymap.c
$(QUANTUM_DIR)/quantum.c \
$(QUANTUM_DIR)/keymap_common.c \