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Update to drashna userspace and keymaps (#3172)
* Use string with delay * Add skipped region to ergodox * Add send string config * Use default_layer_state instead of function * Fully generalize keyboards * old iris cleanup * Fix Drashna keymap compile issues By checking to see if secret.c exists before actually trying to add it * Remove unnecessary references * Add 4x12 ortho board * Update userspace readme for secrets * Make RGB more modular * Fix iris keymap, since we don't need the lower left (Function keys) * Fix includes * Add Blanks * Fix Ergodox lower layer * Add suspend commands * Add Maltron Layout * Add additional layouts * Finish adding gamepad to Iris * Tweaks to iris gamepag layer * make gaming layers more friendly * minor gaming layer tweak * Add Carplax * Add modded key timer function * Cleanup and macro documentation * Add QMK DFU info * Add 'old' keymap for 12 LED spare * Update Pro Micro documentation * Disable twinkling so it fits in firmware space * Switch to QMK DFU bootloader, since it's better anyhow * Write default layer state colors to EEPROM Since we are writing to EEPROM anyways, and this way, it sticks on reboot * Fix QMK DFU bootloader options * More updates for QMK DFU support * Use matrix scanning hack for startup_user until #3113 gets merged * Fix indicator light consistency issue * Add/readd ifdefs to indicators * Add/readd alt indicator * Remove RGB Twinkling from Viterbi macro pad * Fix default layer color detection * Fix rebase and detection issues * Cleanup code so it will compile if RGBLIGHT is disabled * Revert vsode settings * Use Pragma Once instead of boilerplate code
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