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committerGitHub <>2019-02-15 05:36:20 +0100
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Debounce refactor / API (#3720)
* Added xeal60 via clone of lets split * Delete removed other keymaps * Basic keymap (no FN). Compiles. * Removed NP_STAR and NP_SLSH. * Removed "debounce_algo = manual" in all keyboards with CUSTOM_MATRIX = yes. * Changed order of rules in TMK. Documented feature. * Fixed missing whitespace in debounce documentation Table wasn't working due to missing newline. * Added bold in a few areas. * DO NOT USE - Removed debounce from TMK. * Remove accidental xeal60 commit * DO NOT USE - debounce successfully compiled. * DO NOT USE Revert back to original API to support split_keyboards. * Working eager_pk * Whitespace cleanup. * Restored debounce.h since there wasnt any real change. * Moved debouncing_time variable to inside #if debounce * Removed check for custom_matrix. We can safely include the debounce file for compilation when custom_matrix is used. * Removed #include "matrix.h" from debounce.h * Bug fix - was using MATRIX_ROWS instead of num_rows * Fixed compilation error with debounce_sym_g * Renamed DEBOUNCE_ALGO to DEBOUNCE_TYPE * Malloc array in debounce_eager_pk, since split keyboards only use MATRIX_ROWS/2. * Fix compile error in debounce_eager_pk * Stricter, leaner DEBOUNCE_TYPE section in Cleanup
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diff --git a/ b/
index b5fdb404b..6f02dbac6 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -282,10 +282,20 @@ ifneq ($(strip $(CUSTOM_MATRIX)), yes)
-# Include the standard debounce code if needed
-ifneq ($(strip $(CUSTOM_DEBOUNCE)), yes)
- QUANTUM_SRC += $(QUANTUM_DIR)/debounce.c
+# Debounce Modules. If implemented in matrix.c, don't use these.
+VALID_DEBOUNCE_TYPES := sym_g eager_pk custom
+ $(error DEBOUNCE_TYPE="$(DEBOUNCE_TYPE)" is not a valid debounce algorithm)
+ifeq ($(strip $(DEBOUNCE_TYPE)), sym_g)
+ QUANTUM_SRC += $(DEBOUNCE_DIR)/debounce_sym_g.c
+else ifeq ($(strip $(DEBOUNCE_TYPE)), eager_pk)
+ QUANTUM_SRC += $(DEBOUNCE_DIR)/debounce_eager_pk.c
ifeq ($(strip $(SPLIT_KEYBOARD)), yes)