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+# About
+With BookCatalog you can organize and categorize your book collection.
+Simply scan or type your books ISBN number into the Add Book bar, press enter, and the book will be added to your catalog.
+A confirmation 'beep' sound will play when you successfully scan a book. A 'bonk' sound will play if there was a mistake in finding the book information online.
+It is easy to move your book database from computer to computer. Simply copy the file called bookcatalog.db and place it in the same folder as bookcatalog.jar and you are set! You can also place these two files on a thumbdrive so that you can catalog and organize your books on the go.
+Book Catalog is programed in Java, and it should work on every major operating system. Book Catalog requires an internet connection in order to search for book information.
+# Installation
+ make
+ ./
+# Credits
+The error.wav sound file was created by [mikejedw]( The beep.wav sound file was created by [JustinBW](