BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
flysprayWIP: disable broken requirements check in migration classFlorian Pritz5 years
harmony-masterRevert "Bug 1495741 - memory issues: Avoid copying stuff in the webservice la...Florian Pritz4 years
harmony-unstableMigrate: Create comments for attachmentsFlorian Pritz4 years
masterBug 1271907ku3nsting5 years
mozreviewbugzilla-mozreview.tar.gz  bugzilla-mozreview.tar.xz  Dylan William Hardison5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2016-10-15Bug 1308949 - Keep MYMETA.json up-to-date when checksetup is runmozreviewDylan William Hardison2-0/+17
2016-10-14Bug 1309737 - Add User-Agent to the Access-Control-Allow-Headers headerKohei Yoshino1-1/+1
2016-10-14Bug 1309487 - include longdescs.count in result for /rest/bugDavid Lawrence3-1/+19
2016-10-12Bug 1309649 - Add longdescs.count to table of fields in the documentation for...Emma Humphries1-0/+4
2016-10-12Bug 1305457 - product and component quick search does not work from describec...David Lawrence1-4/+7
2016-10-12Bug 1298932 - Please create an IPC request form in BugzillaSebastin Santy4-0/+301
2016-10-11Bug 1309278 - Cache::Memcached::Fast returns tainted data if the key is taintedDylan William Hardison1-46/+3
2016-10-11remove accidental fileDylan William Hardison1-14/+0
2016-10-11Bug 1309229 - changing product results in Insecure dependency in parameter 3 ...Dylan William Hardison2-1/+60
2016-10-11Bug 1308032 - Cache::Memcached::Fast from bugzilla bug 1189281 and bug 1274764Dylan William Hardison4-60/+11