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Bug 745397: (CVE-2012-0466) [SECURITY] The JS template for buglists permits attackers to access all bugs that the victim can see
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diff --git a/buglist.cgi b/buglist.cgi
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--- a/buglist.cgi
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@@ -95,16 +95,6 @@ if (defined $cgi->param('ctype') && $cgi->param('ctype') eq "rss") {
$cgi->param('ctype', "atom");
-# The js ctype presents a security risk; a malicious site could use it
-# to gather information about secure bugs. So, we only allow public bugs to be
-# retrieved with this format.
-# Note that if and when this call clears cookies or has other persistent
-# effects, we'll need to do this another way instead.
-if ((defined $cgi->param('ctype')) && ($cgi->param('ctype') eq "js")) {
- Bugzilla->logout_request();
# An agent is a program that automatically downloads and extracts data
# on its user's behalf. If this request comes from an agent, we turn off
# various aspects of bug list functionality so agent requests succeed