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Included note regarding the origin of "bonsaitools", per
bug 174922.
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for Perl. This can be done using the following Perl one-liner, but
I suggest using the symlink approach to avoid upgrade hassles.
+ <note>
+ <para><quote>Bonsaitools</quote> is the name Terry Weissman, the
+ original author of Bugzilla, created
+ for his suite of webtools at the time he created Bugzilla and several
+ other tools in use at He created a directory,
+ <filename>/usr/bonsaitools</filename> to house his specific versions
+ of perl and other utilities. This usage is still current at
+ <ulink url=""></ulink>,
+ but in general most other places do not use it. You can either edit
+ the paths at the start of each perl file to the correct location of
+ perl on your system, or simply bow to history and create a
+ <filename>/usr/bonsaitools</filename> and <filename>/usr/bonsaitools/bin
+ </filename> directory, placing a symlink to perl on your system
+ inside <filename>/usr/bonsaitools/bin</filename>
+ </para>
+ </note>